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    (Event details subject to change.  All purchases Are Final and there are no refunds for this event for any reason.  Event is rain or shine) Safety : The Run Rally (the "Event") is NOT a race. You must NOT compete in any manner with other participants. You must NOT place any bets of any kind in relation to the Event. You must drive safely and with proper courtesy to all other participants and members of the public. In particular you must not drive recklessly. The Organizer encourages you to drive safely with due respect to the other participants, event staff and especially members of the public. You must NOT drive if your ability to do so safely and properly is in any way compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, medically intoxicated, under the influence of illegal substances or any other condition that will put you and your surrounding Run Rally participants, general driving public, pedestrians, etc. at risk in any way. If you are seen driving recklessly or otherwise not in compliance with applicable law (see "Compliance" below) by the Organizer, its employees or nominees, you will be prohibited from taking any further part in the event.
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