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June 26, 2017
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The Run Rally Outrun (Standard)


Grab a friend worthy of the title of navigator, jump in your whip, crank up the moody retro synth sounds and blast off into a future inspired by the past! This year the Run Rally is proud to present “Outrun.” This is the first rally inspired not only by the movies of a classic decade but the music, arcade, party, and style culture that surrounded it.

By definition Outrun is a 1980s-themed retrofuturistic visual art and music style associated with the electronic genres electro, synthwave, futuresynth, and new retrowave. The style is named after the iconic 1986 arcade racing game Out Run.

This event includes 2 nights and 2 days of heart pumping action spanning over 300 plus miles with 2 VIP afterparties!

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  • Run Rally Team Gift Box
  • Welcome/ Kick off car show/arcade
  • 1 Signature event car decal kit
  • 2 special edition Run Rally tees
  • Complimentary food & beverages (kick off event & lunch)
  • 2 admits to night 1 kick back
  • Access to the Run Rally Scavenger Hunt App
  • Signature Run Rally “live action” show
  • A chance to win Awards & Prizes
  • 2 VIP admits to the official after party w Complimentary Libations

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  • Signature Run Rally "live action" show
  • 200+ mile scenic route to LOCATION
  • 2 special edition Run Rally tees
  • A chance to win Awards & Prizes!
  • 2 VIP admits to the official After Party!
  • Complimentary Food & Beverages!
  • Complimentary Libations at After Party!
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